iPhone SE 

According to sources in the industry, Apple is increasing its chip manufacturing for the iPhone SE due to an unexpected demand for the smallest iPhone available within the range. Once we got our hands on it we could understand why.

When it comes to a paper specification it doesn’t match the likes of Samsung’s S7 range or indeed the HTC 10. It falls much more in line with handsets such as the iPhone 6S, however dont let that put you off, this little bad boy packs a punch. If you’re not a fan of the larger-screened devices and want something more much more manageable, the iPhone SE is a great option.

For its size, and indeed price, it boasts an impressive camera, a battery that can last (it doesnt have to power such a large screen), a recycled yet iconic design and the latest version of iOS pre installed. Whilst its still not cheap it is the most affordable iPhone within Apple’s Smartphone range.


Samsung S7

Rated the best smartphone 2016 by many in the industry, justified by its massive spec…nothing else comes close. Put the S6 and S7 next to one another and you’d be hard pushed to tell which is which…until you start using them.

Both the back and front of the S7 are covered in Gorilla Glass 4 providing an added level of protection. The camera lens also now sits flush with the body, doesn’t sound like much but when the phone is laid flat down on a surface you can type out an email or desk without the handset jumping all around the place. The handset is also IP68 Rated meaning you’ll be able to submerge the handset into 1m of water for up to 30 minutes without causing any damage.

With a specification boasting a 12MP camera, Fast and Wireless Charging, expandable memory, an Exynos 8890 processor and great battery life its easy to see why most would crown this the best Smartphone of 2016.


Samsung S7 Edge

Take the Samsung S7, make a few changes and improvements here and there and what do you end up with?? The Samsung S7 Edge….and the result is fantastic, near on perfect. A stunning design unlike nothing else. Constructed using Metal and Gorilla Glass you really do feel like you’re holding something special…much like the Nokia Arte range of late.

This handset offers a display that curves around the phone whilst still retaining the IP68 rating, something that must have proved tricky.

If you are looking for a handset that boasts a massive spec, looks like no other handset on the market and offers the IP68 level of protection the Samsung S7 Edge is the one for you…be warned though, there is a price tag to match.






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