There aren’t many reasons why you wouldn’t want to install a camera solution into your fleet of vehicles, personal car or Haulage Fleet. Even though they have gained recognition as a tool to help catch crash-for-cash fraudsters, these have several additional advantages too.

From traffic accidents and parking incidents to the time it takes to process a claim and the price of your premium, nearly every aspect of commercial and private vehicle insurance becomes more cost effective and manageable. It also encourages improved driver behavior as they are less likely to be dangerous or reckless behind the wheel.

On top of all that, these camera solutions give everyone hope for the future. Unsafe road users will be caught, new drivers can be comprehensively trained and the insurance industry won’t have to deal with deceptive and deceiving criminals.

Chandler Comms offer a fully managed and professionally installed service. Our units are hardwired into the vehicles ignition meaning no batteries or need to plug into the cigarette lighter, when the ignition is on, so is the camera. We offer a wide range of solutions to fit all vehicle types including HGV’s and Vans.

Get in touch with one of the Chandler Comms team to see what camera would best suit you!

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