Vehicle CCTV Systems

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HD Evidence Captured
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Why it makes sense…

There aren’t many reasons why you wouldn’t want to install a camera solution into your fleet of vehicles, personal car or Haulage Fleet. Even though they have gained recognition as a tool to help catch crash-for-cash fraudsters, these have several additional advantages too.

From traffic accidents and parking incidents to the time it takes to process a claim and the price of your premium, nearly every aspect of commercial and private vehicle insurance becomes more cost effective and manageable. It also encourages improved driver behavior as they are less likely to be dangerous or reckless behind the wheel.

On top of all that, these camera solutions give everyone hope for the future. Unsafe road users will be caught, new drivers can be comprehensively trained and the insurance industry won’t have to deal with deceptive and deceiving criminals.

  • “GRS use Chandler Communications for more reasons than one, they offer a service we have found second to none, they cater for all our needs, keep us up to date with this ever changing industry, no problem is small enough for them to give it their full attention. All done with a want and a smile.”

    GRS Roadstone UK Ltd


6 Road Incidents recorded using SmartWitness Vehicle CCTV Systems in UK Trucks & Commercial Fleets. Resolution and frame rate settings are adjustable on SmartWitness recorders, some of our clients choose to lower the resolution and frame rates in order to have more local storage capacity. The events shown in this video are not indicative of our image quality, which can be as high as 1080p and 30 FPS.

Chandler Comms offer a range of camera solutions including front facing, rear facing, blind spot, driver monitoring, 360 degree, side scanners and many more. Whether you are looking to protect yourself and employees, lower your insurance premiums or become FORS accredited, Chandler Comms can help build a solution which perfectly fits your needs.

With fully trained engineers Chandler Comms can supply and install into private, fleet or commercial vehicles.

  • Protect against Crash-For-Cash scams
  • Evidence for road accident claims
  • Evidence for parking accident claims
  • Faster insurance claims processing
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Record driver behavior behind the wheel
  • Promote/Reward safer driving
  • Can include panic button for HGV’s
  • Report dangerous drivers
  • Driver training
  • Can include tracking facility
  • Log vehicle journey history
  • Detailed driver reports
  • Upload claims quickly and easily using our cloud upload facility
  • Can include vehicle dynamics (acceleration, braking, direction, up/down, force of impact)

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