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The Corporate Manslaughter Act 2008 – You have the responsibility as an employer to protect your work force. The Health & Safety Executive recommends that procedures be put in place to protect and monitor lone workers ensuring their safety.

A balanced approach is needed to ensure that procedures are not too onerous on employees, or too restrictive. The most effective lone worker solutions provide a combination of technology, training and a monitoring service.

The dangers and problems that lone workers may face have been illustrated by some high profile incidents. The best known is that of the Estate Agent, Suzy Lamplugh, who went missing following an appointment to show a prospective client around a property. Her disappearance dramatically raised the profile of the risks associated with being a lone worker.

Lone workers can be identified as individuals working alone or without close or direct supervision.

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Vismo is a GPS tracking application designed to locate individuals travelling the world using their smartphone, tablet or personal GPS Trackers. Vismo uses GPS and other technologies to provide the best GPS tracking updates even indoors. Geo-fence and panic button alerts allow your security team to track, protect and respond to employees as they travel to high-risk areas.

The Vismo tracking system has patented technology that works globally on GSM, 3G, WCDMA and CDMA networks. Vismo is also available on selected satellite phones, providing tracking and security in the most remote places on earth.


Automates processes that allow organisations to demonstrate a duty of care towards lone workers and address legislation such as the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007.


Full visibility of lone workers on live mapping, together with detailed reports, reduces administrative burden.


No additional devices are required, just one discreet everyday device to carry and your employees will only need to remember to re-charge one device.

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