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James Ryan, Sales Manager said, “The majority of us have mobile phones and we all use energy, as we continue to grow and energy seemed a natural offering.” Chandler Communications now provide existing and new customers, with a dedicated account management service advising businesses on contracts and pricing around their energy. Here are some very interesting statistics from OFGEM:

19% of UK business have not moved supplier in the last 5 years
40% of UK businesses have never moved energy suppliers

These statistics show that businesses are not reviewing their energy contracts, which indicate that many will be on the wrong tariff as energy consumptions will be very different now compared to the past. Similar to mobile phone contracts, energy contracts vary, there is something for everyone, however most people/businesses review their mobile phone tariffs every 18 months when their contract is up for renewal.

“The energy tariff market is a minefield, so much information to digest, which is why we have a dedicated account management service offering Northamptonshire businesses a no obligation, free audit. It really could not be more simple. All we need is a copy of their most current bill. This can be emailed, posted, or we can collect it. We will go away carry out the necessary research and come back to the client with our findings and recommendations.”

Npower increased its electricity prices by 15% and gas prices by 4.8% on 16th March 15%
E.On put up electricity prices by 13.8% and gas prices by 3.8% on 26th April 13.8%
Scottish Power raised its electricity prices by 10.8% and gas prices by 4.7% on 31st March 10.8%
EDF, combining previous price changes with a second announcement of rises in June, raised electricity prices by 18.1%, but gas prices have stayed the same 18.1%
SSE raised electricity prices by 14.9% on 28th April, although gas prices remain the same 14.9%
British Gas has announced a price freeze until August 2017 0%

Some Interesting Statistics

In a recent interview with the BBC, Greg Clark, Business and Energy Secretary, claimed that loyal customers were being “milked” through rising default gas and electricity tariffs.

Some business owners like to have the same supplier for gas and electricity. It is easy from an accounts perspective to have your energy suppliers on one bill. But why? When there is such a huge difference in cost the energy you use needs to be treated like any other supplier, i.e. regular review, monitoring costs and service. There is a very good chance that your business is on the wrong tariff for the reason stated above. By carrying out the right research, with the right trusted energy broker you will probably save your company money, and that money is going onto your bottom line. Earlier this year British Gas were fined £9.5m for IT failures that landed business customers with incorrect and late bills.

So when was the last time you reviewed your energy tariff?

Your trusted energy broker is a phone call away, they will make it as seamless and is easy as they can, you have nothing to lose and potentially lots of money to gain!

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