Chandler Comms are proud to sponsor Charity Fund Raiser ‘The Rust Bucket Rally’ in aid of Up’s and Down’s.

Carl Baldry is organising and taking part in the Rust Bucket Rally with a number of others from the area and across the country, which sees entrants complete the mammoth trek in just four days from June 3 to 6.

But there’s a twist – competitors can only drive cars which they’ve bought for £500 or less.

Mr Baldry, an airport transfer taxi driver by trade, will be driving a yellow Saab convertible and cannot wait to get going.

He said: “I bought it for £410 but it had no MOT so it needed a bit of work.

“We’re basically driving to Venice and back in four days.

“We’re driving to the Champagne region in France, then to the Black Forest in Germany, to the Swiss border and through the Dolomites in Italy to Venice.

“On the way back we’ll drive from Venice to Frankfurt and then home.

We wish all the drivers a fun and safe journey!!



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